“The latest research from Professor Richard at the Wellbeing research programme at the London School of Economics concludes that a child’s emotional health is extremely important when considering their level of satisfaction with life.”

Everyone in today’s world can suffer with stress. When children of any age become stressed,  this can have a direct impact on their future prospects, their performance at school, the relationships they have with others and their outlook on life. This is where Well Happy can help!

All of our fun and informative sessions are in line with The Curriculum for Excellence. 

Well Happy workshops are inclusive from nursery age upwards, giving children and young people the opportunity to improve emotional intelligence, increase happiness levels and reduce stress. Our workshops also help to develop empathy and resilience.  

Our informative and fun sessions for teachers and other staff, focus on stress reduction and developing a healthy work-life balance and learning new skills for your happiness tool-kit.

It shows primary and secondary school children the art of resilience and provides the tools required to motivate each child to achieve personal and vocational success throughout school and beyond.  We work alongside teachers to tailor and develop our workshops to supplement any work that is already established in your school.

Our school workshops cover areas within:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Expressive Arts
  • Moral Education

Our engaging and informative sessions include:

Laughter Yoga

Simple and fun laughter exercises combined with yogic breathing to...

Reduce stress
Improve immune function
Increase creativity
Enhance your relationships
Improve heart function and circulation
Have fun and boost well-being

Issue based drama workshops

Our drama sessions are led by actor and director Steven Duffy and cover such topics as bullying, knife crime, healthy relationships, addictions and much more. Steven has over 20 years experience, delivering content for organisations such as Police Scotland and NHS.

Energy Boosters

Easy to implement exercises that...

Reduce stress
Increase creativity
Boost focus
Improves concentration
Enhance vitality
Strengthen immune system

Happiness through art and music

We use art and music in conjunction with some of our other techniques to promote empathy, compassion, kindness, happiness and connectedness. Do you have something in mind? Let us design a session tailored to your needs.

The Science of Happiness

Proven techniques to enhance well-being...

Learn how new discoveries from the world of science are helping us to maximise health and well being and bring balance to life.

Fun and Play

Play and laughter lift our spirits like nothing else. Our play and laughter sessions for children old and young will help you develop your sense of playfulness and fun. They will help bring you into the moment, allowing your body and spirit to take a break from the stresses of daily life.

For more information on starting Well Happy workshops in your, or your child’s, school please contact us

Please note: All Well Happy staff have full PVG Disclosure